Release The Pain That Holds You Captive!

Feeling lost, lonely & heartbroken after the loss of a loved one?

Finding yourself anxious and depressed due to past trauma?

Is daily life a constant struggle because of chronic pain?

Having trouble managing a recently diagnosed illness?

At Counseling with C.A.R.E. help is always available

Whether the goal of counseling is to heal and recover from past trauma, discover how to newly live life following a loss, digest the impact of a recently diagnosed illness, adjust to a new phase of life, maneuver through a multitude of life stressors, manage anxiety, depression or just overall personal growth; here at Counseling with C.A.R.E. LLC; you will experience an individualized and authentic treatment approach to meet your mental health needs.

Counseling services are available in Tampa Bay area as well as virtually throughout the State of FL to assist you with your mental health needs. The therapist is experienced in working with an array of cultural and minority groups and will be compassionate, accepting, respectful and empathic to each person’s presenting situation and emotional needs.

“We are not meant to just GO through pain…We are meant to GROW through it!”
~ Cathy Bermudez Alvarez

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About Cathy Bermudez Alvarez

As the owner of Counseling with C.A.R.E. LLC and someone who understands the struggle involved with sudden and traumatic loss; I provide counseling with Compassion, Acceptance, Respect and Empathy to all of my clients.

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